Catch Fever

Anyone the knows me, knows I have “Catch Fever”. I can’t get enough of it. This season I am driving Hubby crazy once again with episode after episode of Deadliest Catch.

I was getting all upset over these first episodes of the season because everyone was having such a hard time getting on the crab. Because after all, isn’t that what it’s all about…catching crab.

Well there’s drama on the Bering  Sea again this year with the Harris boys and the new captain of the Cornelia Marie, Derrick Ray. This week the shit hit the fan and the crew all but mutinied. Here’s my take on what up.

1. Jake Harris and Steve the engineer started the season off by totally disrespecting the captain. He blew a fuse as captains tend to do and all though it seemed as though they had worked it out I think it put a target on his back.

2. Jake is not a recovering addict. He is a dope head. The only people that might think he’s clean are those mamzy pamzy bleeding hearts that want to think good of people. Every thing he did in regard to drug allegations could have been scripted because it was classic doper.

3. Josh wants to prove something to himself about being able to run a boat but he’s no where near anything resembling a captain or business manager. He kept saying they were over budget. That is no concern of a deck hand. That is between the captain and the owner.

4. Oh yeah, the Harris boys are part owner. They each own 12 1/2%. Majority owners should be making that kind of decision.

5. Captain Derrick is serious about his job. Had the crew tried to work past it he might have loosen up. Even if he didn’t he’s the captain, not their friend or their dad.

6. All crews get upset when they don’t catch crab. But they don’t go tell the captain to hang it up. The Harris boys are just a bunch of waa waa babies.

Yep, Captain Ray was not the babysitter captain the Harris boys wanted. They’ll get a new one for opilla and we’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, 100 miles to the North the other boats hunt crab.


The economy and stuff

Bosco is worried about gas prices. They have caused a change in our life style and he doesn’t know what to think about it. Daddy has been working late all week long and now today he didn’t go to work.

It’s Friday…daddy’s suppose to go to work. Does this have anything to do with me and lit’ girl not getting table scraps? Are we poor now that Mommie and Daddy are only working 4 days a week? Daddy tried to explain that he was working 4 – 10’s now because of the price of gas. He said his company thinks they might be able to save money by just working the crews four days a week. Bosco say’s “Wat fartz gotta do wit it.” And the food thing Daddy explained was because they had gotten too fat. Bosco say’s “Iz no fat…Iz all muss-kal.

Lil’ girl has stopped jumping on the bed, hence the diet. She fat! Well, yesterday when I got home she jumped up on the bed twice to get and give kisses. But the rest of the evening she refused to jump up again. She heavy.

Also, yesterday evening Hubby came home complaining of a tooth ache. All evening…ohhh and ahhh. We had mac/cheese and ham w/ stewed tomatoes. One of our new fav meals. He had trouble eating the ham. Ohhh, ahhh, it hurts. Unfortunately, I had one of my fever episodes and was worthless all evening. I went to bed. He came up wanting a Blizzard, wanting to know if I wanted anything. I was miserable and said no. He went to Dairy Queen. This morning I told him he was and idiot, and I meant it. I said only an idiot suffering with a tooth ache would go get something cold, hard and sharp to eat (the heath blizzard is his fav). He said, well I ordered a heath but they gave me a cookie blizzard. I said, see even they knew you didn’t need to be eating a heath blizzard. Plus, he knows the kids are on a diet. How can a daddy eat goodies in front of the kids and not give them anything. My poor babies.

Well, tomorrow 37 years ago, I gave birth to this wonderful specimen. The boy not the dog. My little Mikie will be 3…7. Gosh, I’m getting old. My Michael, what can I say, I love him, I miss being around him. I’m so proud of the life he’s made for himself. It’s funny how the boy that was a momma’s boy lives thousands of miles from her and the one that couldn’t care less for human companionship lives nearby.

When Michael was born and they first brought him to me in my room, if I remember right, he was carrying a medical journal or something like that, he explain the process that he had just gone through after birth to get to the point where they laid him in my arms. Yes, from day one he was so bright and curious. I never once had to tell him to learn something. He always wanted to learn. To this day he is like that his mind is a sponge, soaking up as much information as he can. And unlike my sponge brain his never gets wrung out. He retains almost everything. Yep! That’s my boy.  Love him.

More later on life and gas prices.

I just can’t seem to be a quitter.

Several years ago, Hubby and I decided to quit smoking for our New Year’s resolution. New Year’s Day was also the Cook Holiday Gathering. Hubby went all morning but about twenty minutes after we arrived at Aunt Barb’s he was bumming a smoke from Ted. There went his resolution. I persevered for two and a half years. Then Hubby wanted to go visit the Res, he convinced me that it might be the last time I get to go see my sister. She was handicapped and had many health issues. I agreed and started planning the trip. Well, what you have to understand was that the Res, to me, is sorta like poison. It certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So during preparations, I started sneaking a smoke here and one there. By time we hit the Res, I was smoking full time again. After the trip, I continued. Now I’m not good with dates and times but it’s been several years since that trip. And, yes that was the last time I seen my sister alive. I always hate it when Hubby is right.

Now for months, I have been wanting to quit. My son, Robert says the best way to quit is to just stop buying the darn things. I have tried this several times in the last few months without success. I can’t seem to make it past noon. So I thought maybe if I try to work some things out here, I can figure out why I’m not being successful these days. I know one thing is I just can’t seem to wrap myself around the idea.

I know it will make me feel better, breathe better, etc. But, I just can’t seem to have that same determination I had years ago.

Please stop momee!


Well, it’s spring time in Ohio. Beautiful weather one day, cold and rain the next.

I have been under the heating pad for nearly 3 weeks now. Nursing a bum left leg a result of my wacky T cells. It comes and goes just like the spring weather. I have been able to get out to the units and sweep and clean out some of the stuff left behind or foreclosed on.

I found this neato toy fire truck and begged my boss for it. The Cooks are big on fire memorabilia. Their father was a fireman, some of the son’s once were, one son just retired from Columbus fire and my fav nephew is a fireman. Trying to get a hold of Joshy to see if he wants it. It’s so cute.

So don’t think anything I find is like “Storage Wars”. Working out in those units are getting harder and harder to handle. Anything useful is few and far between. Over the winter we had a few people leave us, leaving a mess of junk behind. They are the hardest to clean because the owner’s didn’t even want it. But sometimes they leave good clothes, I sort and give to the free store mission. Most of the rest is dumpster material. People that rent with us and leave or lose their stuff, generally didn’t have any good stuff to begin with.

This week I found and brought up to the office.

1.  The fire truck

2.  A 3 peice patio set; 2 chairs and a side table

3.  A laptop bag

4. A couple racet sets

5. A bookbag

6. A smoothie blender

7. 3 canvas shoe bags

8. A couple of flashlights

Not very much to make up for the mess they left us. But, it’s o.k. cause what I like best about cleaning units…being outside and riding the golf cart around.

Taxes and stuff

This year I drove hubby nearly insane. I went down to the wire for the taxes. Got a little back from the state, but had to pay $202.00 to Uncle Obama.

Wonder what he will do with it?

1. Give it to the nephew of a friend who works for less money but gets his lot rent free and got over $10 THOUSAND last year. I don’t say back because he didn’t pay that much in.

2. Give it to some artist that makes statues out of poop.

3. Give some old lady a cell phone that she doesn’t want to use so she gives it to her daughter to keep track of her babies’ daddy’s.

4. Get himself those modern updates in the oval office he was talking about yesterday…fancy push buttons and pop up big screen, etc.

5. High speed rail in Oklahoma.

6. Donuts for the staff.

It’s not that I hate paying taxes, I hate what they do with my taxes. I don’t like paying taxes when the government acts like it has and probably always will. I think the government should only be involved in the infrastructure of this country and not in people’s lives. Call me a conservative if you will, but I do not believe that retirement, health care, and staying in business or your home is a right protected by the government.

I pay my taxes. I pay my mortgage(why the t?). I pay for health care. I can’t afford a business. I will retire the day I die. I live in a 850 sq ft house. Why should my tax $ go to keeping someone in a 3000 sq ft house? or more. Why can’t we all just take care of ourselves and individually and collectively take care of those in REAL need.

More later on what burns my butt.

Yes, Robert they are vegan restaurants in Columbus.


For a couple of weeks now my son Robert has had Wednesdays off, same day as my day off. So we’ve been doing lunch together.You know how good that makes me feel. My grown son wants to have lunch with his mother. Not just one day off. But every Wednesday he’s had so far. Here’s the thing. He’s a vegan and he doesn’t like driving in Columbus or surrounding areas. So usually what happens is on Tuesday’s I get on line and check the list of vegan restaurants in the area. After work I give him a call and check to make sure he has the day off. I then tell him of my newest find or other adventure idea, and he says “That’s sounds great.” We set up a time and are on for the next day.

Last Tuesday when I called him I said how’s a movie and lunch sound. He said That sounds great, what’s the movie? I said the Illusionnisie. He said Great I’ve been wanting to see that.Then goes on to tell me what I had just read about the movie makers and such. Now I had never heard of the movie, the movie makers or anything but I had looked at the listing of the movies, mostly independent or what I call artsy movies. But he knew all about it. I picked that one because it was animated. I love animated movies. Lunch was going to be a stop at the Radio cafe connected to the theater. They had vegan choices as well carnivore choices for me. He had the humus platter and a salad I forget what it was called. He enjoyed it all. I had a chicken pannini.

So this Tuesday I had found Dirty Frank on S. 4th Ave. Vegan and carni dogs. He thought the sounded great. However, his dear ole mom bummed out on him. My leg was still giving me trouble. So I called to see if he would be willing to come over and help me get some yard work started. So, we decided he would pick up Subway on the way over, do lunch and a little clean up in the side yard. He did a great job. But I told him I felt like my mother. Each year when she went to plant her garden from prep to plant, she would grab a chair and us youngest kids and we would do the work and she would point and tell us what to do. But, I did manage to clean out a couple of my flower beds and trim the rose bush yesterday… I had to sit on a chair to do it, but I got it done.

I enjoy my time with my boy. He seems to enjoy his time with me, too. That’s what makes life good.

More on vegan adventures later.


I was having leg pain all weekend so my weekend pretty much sucked. Hubby though had a better weekend. His started Friday afternoon when I had checked craigslist and found him a lead on a used mower. He wound up buying…start of his weekend spending spree. More later.

Then Saturday he had invited his cousin Nancy and friend Ross over for pizza. Hubby loves making pizza. Didn’t get a bunch of pictures cause I was under the heating pad. We did have a good time revisiting the res, old times & family stories as well as hearing new ones.

So that brings me to Sunday. Since the purchase of the lawn mower on Friday. Hubby has been pouting. He had been saving to buy a used mower since December and had saved $400. He purchase the mower w/delivery for $350. He was upset he really couldn’t haggle with the guy because he needed a way to get the mower to the house. So he pouted. Saying over and over how he bought a $200 mower for $350 and how he needed to get a new mini tiller, and he was hoping to get a mower cheap enough so he could get a new grill, and this and that and pout, pout, pout. He knows that momma can’t stand it and he will get what he wants. What he wanted was my $300 worth of Home Depot gift cards I was saving for a dishwasher.

So this is him assembling his grill. He got his mini tiller too. I got 2 petunias and $9.37 left on my gift card. And now spring is way upon us and every weekend will be full of grass and garden and I still don’t have electric in my soon to be (haha) kitchen.